The following guides will help you navigate setting up your company in Kudoo.

Create a company

Invite users to a company

Delete a company

Create a company

Depending on how you first signed up for Kudoo you may not be associated with a company. If that’s the case you will navigate to the below screen:

Manage companies

Click on Create new company

Create a company

As you can see in the above screenshot, the logo is added. This will ensure that your companies logo will be included on all the stationary (Purchase Orders, Invoices etc.) that are sent through Kudoo.

Create company 2

If you scroll down you will see some important fields

  • Country
  • GST
  • Business Type

Depending on what Country you have chosen you will see slightly different fields. For example, within Australia, GST is used. However if you have chosen Country as USA, then you will see the field name “Sales Tax”.

If you chose “Yes, I’m registered”. Then Kudoo will automatically calculate your Tax owed and received.

Business Type will enable to some business specific functionality, so please ensure you select the correct option.

Click Save.

Create company 3

Congratulations you have created your first Company!

Invite new user to a company

So you’ve just setup a company and you’re excited to get your fellow staff members on board. In the top right hand corner, you’ll see a cog icon. Anytime you click that cog, the settings will appear.

Company settings

If you then click under Company settings on the User link, you’ll be navigated to the Users section.

From this screen you can then click the Invite new user button.

Company users

This will open the Invite User screen, which you can use to invite users.

Invite users unfilled

Invite user filled

Please note you need to be careful about which role you want to assign to your users. A user role will allow them to submit timesheets and manage their details. Whereas an administrator or owner can do everything. The only difference is an administrator cannot delete a company.

Once you’ve invited the user, they will need to verify their email address and setup a password before they can access your company on Kudoo.

User invited success

As you can see in the above screenshot, we have successfully invited the user, however their account is still listed as PENDING. Only one the user confirms their email address and sets a password, will their account be changed to ACTIVE.

Delete a company

Sometimes you may need to delete a company. Please note that in Kudoo, even if you delete a company, we will only permanently delete it after 7 days. This helps protect you in case you’ve made a mistake.

If you’re adamant that you’d like to delete your company and you are the company owner in Kudoo, then you can navigate to settings screen.

Company settings

Under Company settings click General. Once the page has loaded, scroll to the bottom.

General company settings

Click on the Delete this company link

You will then be prompted with a popup to confirm you’d like to delete the company.

Confirm delete company

You will then get confirmation that the company has been archived.

Company delete successful

If you haven’t re-activated the company after 7 days, it will be permanently deleted.