The following guides will help you process Invoices in Kudoo.

Create a free text invoice

Create a project invoice

Convert timesheet(s) to invoice(s)

Mark invoice as paid

Create a free text invoice

A free text invoice is used when you would like to generate an ad hoc invoice for your Patients. These are great for when something small comes up or if you’ve made a mistake on a previous invoice.

To create a free text invoice, navigate to the Invoices screen.

Invoices unfilled

Click the Create new Invoice button. From here you can see there are three types of Invoices within Kudoo. If you hover over the ? you can see a popup explaining what the Invoice type is for. We’re going to click Free text Invoice

New Invoice

We can now start creating an Invoice. The first step is to add a Patient.

New Free Text Invoice

We’ll then be able to either add an existing Service or else we’ll be able to add a free text line to the Invoice. We can also specify if we’d like to add GST to the Invoice line.

Filled Free Text Invoice

Now that we’ve added a Patient and some Invoice lines, we can specify the date of the Invoice as well as when the Invoice should be paid by.

Free Text Invoice details

After clicking Next you’ll be able to review all the details you entered.

Review Free Text Invoice

From here you can then send Invoice to your Patient.

Send Invoice

Enter the name and the email address of the people you’d like to send the Invoice to.

Send Invoice filled

After clicking Submit, the Invoice will be sent and the Invoice will be created for your company.

Free Text Invoice created successfully

Create a project invoice

Project Invoices allow you to Invoice your Patients for fixed price Services. Currently Kudoo allows you to Invoice your Patients when the Project starts and again when the Project is successfully completed.

To follow along with this guide, please ensure you’ve created a project with fixed price services. Now navigate to the Invoices screen.

Invoices unfilled

Click Create new Invoice.

New Invoice

Add Project to Invoice

Convert timesheet(s) to invoice(s)

Converting timsheet(s) to Invoices couldn’t be easier in Kudoo. All you need to do is navigate to the Invoices screen.

Invoices unfilled

Click Create new Invoice. From there you can click Convert timesheet to Invoice.

New Invoice

In the first step, you can select the Patient that the Invoice is for.

Select patient

After clicking Next you’ll be presented with a list of the timesheets of all workers within your company.

Please note Timesheets with a status of Draft will not be included.

You can then select which Timesheets you’d like to convert.

Select Timesheets

In the details section you can then specify the date of the Invoice as well as when the Invoice is due.

Add details to Invoice

You’ll now be able to review the Invoice to make sure everything is correct before sending off to the Patient.

Review Timesheet Invoice

You can now send the Invoice through the the Patient.

Send Invoice

Congratulations. You have successfully converted timesheet(s) to an Invoice.

Timesheet Invoice created successfully

Mark Invoice as paid

Currently Kudoo does not integrate with any third party payment providers. As such when you receive payment in your bank account, you can then login to Kudoo and mark the Invoices as paid.

To do this navigate to the unpaid Invoices screen.

Unpaid Invoices

Find the Invoice you’d like to mark as paid and then click on the $ icon to mark it as paid.

Unpaid Invoices hover

You will receive a success message, indicating that it was successfully marked as paid.

Invoice marked as Paid

You can now see the Invoice under the paid Invoices section.

Paid Invoices screen