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Create a draft project

Add services to a project

Create billing rule for fixed price projects

View project details

Close project

Create a draft project

A draft project can be used when you’re not quite ready to finalize the project, but would still like to save some details.

To create a draft project navigate to the Project screen.

Projects - empty

Click the Create new project button. Specify what name you’d like to use and then click Next

New project - Step one

From here you can either add an existing Customer or quick create a new Customer.

Add customer to Project

If you then click Save draft your Project will now be saved as a Draft and you can see it listed under the Projects screen under the Draft tab.

Add services to a project

If you haven’t already created a draft project, please complete that section and then open the draft project to continue.

Navigate to Step 3 so that you can add some Services to your Project.

Add services to Project

Select a previously created Service from the drop down list or use the quick create, to add a new Service

Add a time based service to a Project

In the below screenshot you can see that I’ve added both a time based service and a fixed price service.

Add a fixed service to a Project

Create billing rule for fixed price projects

If you’ve started creating a Project and already added some Services then you’ll be presented with the below screen.

Fixed price services allow you to setup Billing rules. Billing rules enable you to specify when you’d like to get paid for the Services you provide for your Customer.

Billing rule

In the below screenshot, we’ve specified that we’d like our Customer to pay us 20% of the Service price when the Project starts. Kudoo will automatically calculate the remaining amount that will become due when the Service has been completed.

Billing rule

If you click next, you will be presented with the Review Project screen. Here you can review all the information you’ve entered in order to create the Project.

Review project

Click the Create Project button and viola! You have successfully created your first project.

Project created successfully

View project details

To view your Project’s details, navigate to the Project screen and click on the Project you’d like to view.

Project filled

After clicking on the Projects you’ll be able to see all your Projects information.

Project details

If you’d then like to see all the Services associated with a Project, just click on the Services tab.

Project services

Close a project

To close a Project, navigate to the Project screen.

Project filled

Click on the Project you’d like to see and it will open the Projects details screen.

Project details

If you’d like to close the Project you can mark it as complete. To do this click the Mark as complete button in the top right of the screen.

Mark project as complete

If you are absolutely sure you’d like to close the Project, confirm it and the Project will now be closed.

Project closed