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Create a draft timesheet

Finalize a timesheet

Email a timesheet

Delete an attachment from a timesheet

Archive a timesheet

Delete a timesheet

Create a draft timesheet

Once you’ve logged in to Kudoo, you can then navigate to the Timesheets screen.

Timesheets empty

If you click Create new timesheet you’ll be directed to the Timesheet entry screen. There’s a few things to take note of here. First of all you can choose to enter Timesheet either against:

  1. A Customer
  2. A Project

You can select the icon to switch between the two.

Timesheets unfilled

Then the next major thing to take note of is you’ll have to enter a Service that you performed for the Customer or on the Project. Services can be either of type:

  1. Hourly
  2. Daily

So depending on the Service you choose, the total will reflect that type. In the below example, you can see that the Service entered had a type of Daily. So at the end of the Row, you can see that it reflects 5d.

Timesheets filled

Often you may need to add an attachment to your timesheet. This is really easy within Kudoo. You can upload attachments to your timesheet in one of two ways:

  1. Click on the attachment block and choose the file
  2. Drag and drop your attachment

Timesheet filled with attachment

You can now either finalize the timesshet or save it as a draft to edit at a later stage.

In this example, we’re going to save the timesheet as a draft. Click the Save draft button.

Timesheet saved as draft

Congratulations! You’ve just created your first timesheet. It’s now located under the Draft section and can be accessed anytime you want.

Finalize a timesheet

We’re going to follow up from the previous section where we created a draft timesheet and finalize that timesheet.

Navigate to the Timesheet’s draft section.

Timesheet draft section

From here we can click on the timesheet we’d like to finalize and it will open the timesheet.

Timesheet review

We can then click the Finalize timesheet button in the bottom right of the screen.

Finalize Timesheet

Your timesheet will now be finalized. Depending on how your company has been setup, you may be required to submit your timesheet for approval. Your companies administrator will define the Approval settings and if approvals are required, you’ll then need to specify who to send your timesheet to for approval.

Approve timesheet

Email a timesheet

If you’ve finalized a timesheet and you’d like to email a copy of the timesheet, it’s pretty easy to do within Kudoo. All you’ll need to do is navigate to the timesheet screen.

All timesheets

Now it’s as simple as clicking the email icon.

Send timesheet notify email

Email timesheet filled

Delete an attachment from a timesheet

You can only delete an attachment from a draft timesheet. So to delete an attachment is as simple as navigating to the relevant timesheet. You can then hover over the attachment and if you then click the X it will remove the attachment.

Delete an attachment from Timesheet

Archive a timesheet

A user can’t archive timesheets, but rather the companies administrator will setup a policy on when to archive timesheets

Delete a timesheet

Stay tuned for this feature, which will be released in our next version :)